Dena Paschke
City of Lompoc, Fire [email protected]

Jesse Barron
Cal Poly, Facilities [email protected]
Vice President

Richard Avila
County of SLO, Planning and Building [email protected]

Jessica Hanneman
Bureau Veritas jessica.hannemann@

Mark Sadowski
CSG Consultants [email protected]
Immediate Past President

CALBO is a nonprofit 501(c)6 organization dedicated to promoting public health and safety in building construction through responsible legislation, education and building code development.


President Vice President Treasurer Secretary Past President
2021 Devon Kuhnle Rafael Cornejo Dena Paschke Sylvia Aldana Bill Fitzpatrick
2018 Charles Dickey Bruce St. John Elizabeth Szwabowski Marisela Moreno Bill Fitzpatrick
2017 Bill Fitzpatrick Charles Dickey Charles Dickey Bruce St. John Elizabeth Szwabowski
2016 Elizabeth Szwabowski Lori Wilson Dave Muehlhausen Ben Ross Bryan Spain
2015 Bryan Spain Rafael Cornejo Lori Wilson Elizabeth Szwabowski Tina Dye
2014 Tina Dye Bryan Spain Joseph Lease Lori Wilson Elizabeth Szwabowski

Year President Vice President
Secretary Training
2013 Howie Conroy Tina Dye Tina Dye Howie Conroy
2012 Elizabeth Szwabowski Howie Conroy Elizabeth Szwabowski Howie Conroy
2011 Brian Cowen Elizabeth Szwabowski Howie Conroy  Howie Conroy
2010 David Muehlhausen Brian Cowen Rustin Messenger David Muehlhausen
2009 Johnathan Hurst David Muehlhausen Kari Scamara David Muehlhausen
2008 Sylvia Aldana Johnathan Hurst David Muehlhausen David Muehlhausen
2007 Don Moore Sylvia Aldana Johnathan Hurst Elizabeth
2006 Robert Marshall Don Moore Sylvia Aldana Johnathan Hurst
2005 Ken Forman Chris Hansen* Robert Marshall *Chris never took office as president
2004 Forest Wermuth Steve Nodel*
Ken Forman
Larry Boyd*
Robert Marshall
* Steve stepped down; Ken took his place; Larry stepped down; Robert took his place
2003 Mark Matson Forest Wermuth Mike Cardona*
Steve Nodel
*Cardona left Steve took his place
2002 Rick Curtze Mark Matson Forest Wermuth  
2001 Craig Fraki Rick Curtze Mark Matson  
2000 Hal Hannula Craig Fraki Rick Curtze  
1999 Steve Perkins Hal Hannula Craig Fraki  
1998 Clyde Gains Steve Perkins Hal Hannula  
1997 Mike Whitaker Clyde Gains Steve Perkins  
1996 John Kearns Mike Whitaker Clyde Gains  
1995 Jeff Keough John Kearns Mike Whitaker  
1994   Jeff Keough John Kearns  
1993 Charles Evans   Jeff Keough  
1992 Fred Wilke      
1991 Bill Wittmeyer Charles Evans    
1990 Roy Harthorn Bill Wittmeyer Charles Evans  
1989 Phil Bunn Roy Harthorn Bill Wittmeyer  
1988 Nick Andrade Phil Bunn Roy Harthorn  
1987 Elizabeth Szwabowski Nick Andrade Phil Bunn  
1986 Al Wedderburn Elizabeth
Nick Andrade  
1985 Steve Hicks Al Wedderburn Elizabeth Szwabowski  
1984 Bill Windroth      
1983 Phil Wachtel      
1982 Anna Plein      
1981 Frank Breckenridge      
1980 Bert Wilder      
1979 Robert Hantke      
1978 J.R. “Nick” Nicklas      
1977 Eric Pekkenen      
1976 Dave Warburton      
1975 Bill Lacoste      
1974 Bill Lacoste      
1973 Lee Kannenberg      
1972 Jack Kellerman      
1971 Charlie Clarck      
1970 O.F. “Zee” Ziebarth      
1969 J.R. “Nick” Nicklas      
1968 L.C. Cliff Davis      
1967 Bill Wade      
1966 Jack Cudmore      
1965 Hugh Evans      
1964 Art Welkie      


The International Code Council (ICC) is a membership association dedicated to building safety and fire prevention. The ICC develops the codes used to construct residential and commercial buildings, including homes and schools. Most U.S. cities, counties and states that adopt codes choose the International Codes developed by the ICC.